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January 24, 2018

Envision has been a trusted resource to families and individuals with developmental disabilities in our community for more than 55 years. Its mission is simple, clear and vital: To support a full and vibrant future for people with disabilities. We are currently seeking candidates for Board Member positions who are willing to put their expertise, community connections, resources and/or personal leadership skills and qualities to work to serve this incredibly deserving organization. If you are serious about making a real difference in our community – and in the lives of others – take a definitive step forward to contact Maryellyn Haffner, Board Member, at 513-484-0044/, to discuss how an Envision Board leadership position may fit with your plans, and our needs.


Position Description

Position: Board Member 

FLSA Classification: N/A - Volunteer 

Shift/Hours Worked: Flexible/Primarily evening Board meetings

Reports To: Board Chairperson

Supervises: N/A

Work Location:  Board Meetings typically held in Oakley/Rookwood area; West Fork Campus occasionally;

Agency Overview:

Envision provides a variety of services to support individuals with disabilities and has been a trusted resource for families for over 50 years. Our mission is to support a full and vibrant future for people with disabilities. We serve more than 450 children and adults each year. Our programs serve children and adults and address a range of conditions and disabilities including: physical or cognitive disabilities, syndromes associated with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum, learning disabilities, and co-occurring mental health issues. Envision is a contract agency of Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services.

Position Overview:

We are currently recruiting potential candidates with a passion for community and for service to fill positions available on the Board of Directors. These positions are open due to natural succession, and the rotation of long-term-service Board Members reaching term limits within the next two (2) years.

An Envision Board Member, first and foremost, must consistently emulate the Organization Values in behavior and actions:

  • Trust
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Full and Meaningful Lives
  • Continuous Learning
  • Mission Centered Leadership
  • Excellence

Board members primary responsibilities are to provide guidance to the President/CEO of Envision in order to support him or her in achieving Envision’s mission and vision in ethical and prudent ways. The Board’s role, and therefore the role of each Board Member, is to be a good steward to the proper governance of the organization overall. The main functions of a Board Member position are: 

  • Review, update and modify the Board Governance Policies on an annual basis;
  • Define limits to, and expectations of, the President/CEO’s actions;
  • Define the interaction between the President/CEO and the entire Board;
  • Define how the Board will conduct business;
  • Provide accountability to, and linkage with, the community at large as well as the individuals and families directly served by the organization;
  • Give leadership to fund development efforts, participating in fund-raising activities, making financial contributions and promoting the value of Envision to potential donors and/or volunteers; and
  • Convey positive messages about Envision to community groups, government entities, and the greater area business and private communities and individuals.

Job Requirements & Qualifications

Required Skills:

  • Able to attend 90% (minimum) of Board Meetings annually.
  • Able and willing to actively participate in fund-raising efforts, solicitation visits, grant writing, etc., and to donate/devote time to Agency project(s).
  • Able and willing to leverage personal community connections to benefit Envision. Community connections may fall into one or more of the following areas: Corporate (big business), Media, Politics/Advocacy, Philanthropy, Small Business, Religious organizations, Education (public or private), Social Services or Government.
  • All candidates should possess a personal connection with Envision’s mission.

Education & Experience:

  • Previous experience serving as a Member of a non-profit Board is helpful, but not required.
  • Proven leadership skills/experience, or leadership potential, is desired.
  • Welcome expertise comes in many forms and may include the following:
    • Accounting
    • Administration/Management
    • Finance
    • Fundraising
    • Government
    • Human Resources
    • Insurance/Reinsurance
    • Law,
    • Marketing
    • Media
    • Physical Plant (engineering, architect, etc.)
    • Public Relations
    • Real Estate
    • Sales
    • Special Programs Focus
    • Strategic Planning
    • Technology
    • Wealth Management
    • A parent of a child with developmental disability(ies), whether served by Envision or not, and individuals with developmental disability(ies) are also welcome candidates for consideration.
  • Candidates for Board Member positions are not required to have attained any particular level of education. However, all candidates must possess the ability to read, as well as adequate oral and written communication skills.



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