Envision specializes in providing opportunities for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities to grow and succeed by partnering with the individual’s support network at home, at school, and in the community.  Since 1986, Envision’s CITE (Community Integrated Training and Education) services have empowered children and adolescents to build a life that involves choices, community, relationships, and respect. 

Collaboration is the key to success
The key to our success is that services occur in the environment where the need exists – our CITE staff experience challenges in real time with caregivers, and are there in the moment to model interventions and to coach others.  

Our services include:

• Behavior support and intervention plan development, including behavioral and functional assessment, intervention plan development, and intensive coaching
• Skill assessment and skill development planning
• Curriculum assessment and accommodations to support IEP goals and inclusion within the school program
• Task assessment to determine strengths and needs within targeted skill development areas
• Parent training and education, including direct coaching and consultation 
• General program consultation and staff training

We plan our services using a strengths-based, holistic approach. While we work to identify behaviors of concern, there is no intent to establish diagnoses. Instead we focus on the individual’s learning strengths and needs, their home or school environment, family cultural and spiritual values, and other ecological factors that may support desirable behaviors.  

We utilize extensive functional behavioral assessment, task/activity assessment, and intervention-based assessment to set goals and continuously adjust interventions to maximize the success and independence of each child we serve. 

We offer our services:
In your home

Payment and funding options:
CITE services are funded by Hamilton County of Developmental Disabilities Services. Limited services are also available in Clermont County. Private pay is also an option for families.

Our qualified staff
CITE services are provided by our highly trained professional staff. All of our team members have specialized and advanced training in working with children and youth with developmental disabilities and include licensed and/or degreed staff with backgrounds in psychology, early childhood development, elementary, secondary and special education, autism, and other human service fields.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

To make a referral, call:
Sally Kilcoyne
Community Liaison
513.619.2945 phone

As a grandmother with a grandson who has an Autism diagnosis, I have found CITE services to be a God send. As with most families, you are struck with what to do, who to turn to, and where can you get help. CITE services have answered all those questions and many more.  

- Grandparent, CITE Services

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