Envision is an organization with deep roots. From our earliest days as the Resident Home, a common core of beliefs and values has guided our actions and decisions. Envision provides a variety of services to support individuals with disabilities and has been a trusted resource for families for over 50 years. We serve more than 450 children and adults each year. 

The new name of our organization places a deliberate emphasis on the power and importance of envisioning. We can only work together for things that we envision together. What we envision matters.  Our new name is our commitment to envision together – with people we support, family members, staff, and community members – a new future for people with disabilities. 

We envision this future...
Children with disabilities experience love and belonging.
They learn skills that help them thrive at home, in school, and in community. 

Adults with disabilities enjoy full lives --
with a good home, meaningful relationships, and ample opportunity to belong and contribute to community life.

Families feel hopeful about the future.
They get the help they need in ways that work for them. They are resilient.

Two commitments help us secure a good future for the people we support:

Individually Focused

• Focus on the person’s strengths and gifts 
• Use a holistic approach to understanding and supporting the person
• Discover what it will take for the person to flourish and contribute
• Offer best practice services within a trauma-informed framework                                                                                    
Family Centered

• Partner with families
• Guide families in finding the most effective ways to support their family member
• Respect family members for their love and commitment
• Share our knowledge of trauma and chronic stress by offering resources to the family

Over the years, I have had a lot of experience working with different organizations and staff people. I have been amazed and so impressed by the dedication, the knowledge and the hearts of our team.       


- Parent, CITE Services

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