Envision strongly encourages People First Language. 

People First Language puts the emphasis on the person, not their disability, and also helps to diminish the use of outdated or offensive language. It helps break down barriers, foster mutual respect, and open lines of communication and acceptance. Words and how they are used shape attitudes.  Incorporating People First Language into our everyday language demonstrates that we believe all people are unique and their abilities or disabilities are part of who they are, not a definition of who they are. We rely upon our staff, volunteers, families and friends to model and promote People First Language.

This language is an accurate way of referring to a person with a disability, whether you are speaking or writing.  

Do Use Don't Use
Congenital disability Birth defect
Uses a wheelchair
Wheelchair bound
Has a disability Handicapped or disabled
Deaf, hard of hearing Hearing impaired
Person of small (or short) stature Dwarf or midget
People with disabilities Retarded, crippled, afflicted
Person with epilepsy Epileptic
Individual with disabilities Client or consumer
Brain injury Brain damaged
Accessible parking Handicapped parking
Typical, typically developing Normal or healthy
Communicates without speaking Non-verbal
Physical disability Victim, afflicted, suffers from

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CITE Services helped enhance our parenting skills to be able to address our daughter’s behaviors effectively. We have joy in our lives as a result of the services received.   

- Parent, CITE Services

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