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Annual Report
Envision’s comprehensive report of activities for the fiscal year. The report for the most recently completed fiscal year will be available in the fall of the following year.




Good News
Envision’s monthly e-newsletter shares interesting articles, latest news, and helpful information. Contents can be found online here; or, we welcome you to sign up to receive news right to your in-box!


Envision’s bi-annual print newsletter, full of inspirational and informational news. The newsletter's name came from Envision's beginning as the Resident Home for the Mentally Retarded (later changed to Resident Home Corporation, and then once again to Envision). The organization's founders proclaimed that we were "on the threshold," using that as their rally cry to raise needed funds to open our first facility. Since the beginning, "Threshold" has been the name of our organization's newsletter.

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Over the years, I have had a lot of experience working with different organizations and staff people. 
I have been amazed and so impressed by the dedication, the knowledge and the hearts of our team.

- Parent, CITE Services

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