How you can help...

At Envision: 

·  Paint on campus to beautify workspace and meeting spaces
·  Plant shrubs or trim existing growth on Envision’s campus
·  Stuff envelops for fundraising events to support Envision programs
·  Teach a group of people with DD a special skill:
   Painting, knitting, make-up application hair up do’s, how to play a musical instrument, etc.
·  Adopt a program by painting staff offices

At your home:  
·  Search Craig’s List for furniture for individuals in need of comfortable homes
·  Cook holiday meals to make traditions for CITE families, group homes, individuals
·  Sew needed items, such as bibs, weighted pillows, blankets for people with DD
·  Design graphics for our programs;  brochures, post cards
·  Connect with Envision on Facebook and Twitter
·  Pass along the resources we present on Pinterest
·  Donate personal care products, developmental toys, home cleaning products, etc.
·  Donate items needed to set up a household
·  Sponsor a Foster Parent Appreciation Lunch
·  Improve a person with DD’s self-esteem with a gift certificate for hair cuts
·  Organize a drive for: bras, socks, personal care products, books, baby supplies, etc.
·  Bake treats for people at a group home
·  Allow people with DD the opportunity to attend events and attractions by donating tickets
·  Fund educational teaching and skill building supplies for a CITE educator
·  Donate a magazine subscription to a group home or Envision Counseling offices
·  Sponsor a youth or family during the holidays
·  Purchase a YMCA, zoo or other membership for an individual or foster family
·  Sponsor a birthday with a $50 gift certificate
·  Provide gift certificates for groceries to a family in need
·  Sponsor a friend from one of our homes to attend:
   Reds game, Kings Island, Coney Island, a movie night, a pizza party

In our Envision community:  
·  Decorate a living space at a group home to make it more homelike 
·  Barbecue picnics at group homes to create a fun home life for people with DD
·  Decorate a group home for the holidays
·  Do handy repairs at group homes
·  Paint at group homes to update living spaces for the people with DD
·  Beautify a yard at a group home by planting flowers or shrubs
·  Attend an Envision fundraising event
·  Tell a friend about your favorite Envision program or invite him/her on a tour
·  Be a positive role model as a volunteer or philanthropist
·  Invite an Envision representative to speak to your class, club or group
·  Introduce yourself and get to know a Envision board member
·  Become an Envision  foster parent
·  Talk to your place of worship or civic group about getting involved with Envision

At an Envision Special Event Fundraiser:
·  Attend an Envision fundraising event!
·  Welcome and guest registration
·  Hand out programs, sell raffle tickets,
·  Oversee and work raffle/silent auction tables
·  Sell raffle tickets while strolling the guests
·  Photograph at a photo station
·  Assistant the photographer; direct guests to photo area   

Over the years, I have had a lot of experience working with different organizations and staff people. 
I have been amazed and so impressed by the dedication, the knowledge and the hearts of our team.

- Parent, CITE Services

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