Envision is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities in Butler, Clermont, and Hamilton counties in Southwest Ohio. We are a contract agency of Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Envision was founded as The Resident Home in 1963 by parents of children with developmental disabilities as a residential school for their children.

We envision a vibrant future for people with disabilities. They begin life in nurturing and supportive family settings where they experience love and belonging. They learn skills that help them thrive at home, in school, and in community. They grow into adulthood to enjoy full and meaningful lives -- with a good home, meaningful relationships, and ample opportunity to belong and contribute to community life.

Our mission is to support a full and vibrant future for people with disabilities.


Each person has strengths.
 We discover and build on these to help each person create a meaningful life. We share the seven commitments of The Sanctuary® Model as part of our journey toward certification as a trauma-informed agency: non-violence, emotional intelligence, democracy, social learning, open communication, social responsibility, and growth & change.                                                                                     

Each person belongs...
and our communities are better when all people are included. When people belong, they have opportunities to make contributions and be valued for their gifts.

Relationships are the foundation for growth and change.

We nurture relationships that bring out the best in each person. We value relationships between community citizens and people with disabilities.

Excellence is the standard for all that we do.
We continuously learn new ways to make our services better. We are committed to innovation.

People Served

Envision serves more than 450 children and adults each year. The people we serve range in benefits, from a single service to the full complement of our offerings.

Our programs serve children and adults and address a range of conditions and disabilities including: physical or cognitive disabilities, syndromes associated with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum, learning disabilities, and co-occurring mental health issues. Many present with challenging behaviors, communication challenges, medical issues, and physical limitations. Each has their unique strengths, gifts, interests, and support systems.  


An active Board of Trustees meets bimonthly to lead Envision’s advancement. A number of our Board members derive their passion for our vision and mission from their own life experience supporting family members with disabilities.

Jim Steffey is President and CEO of Envision. Chris Bohn serves as CFO 
A complete list of Envision leadership can be found here.

I love it here.  Counseling helps me get my feelings out and express my feelings in a more positive way.                                                  
- Client, Counseling Services

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