Envision specializes in providing a continuum of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. For more than 50 years, we have been on the cutting edge of services and support. What was true then is still true today – aspiring to excellence in all we do. 

Individually Focused. Family Centered.
At Envision, we focus on each person’s unique strengths and offer quality, customized services to help them explore, discover, succeed, and contribute. In addition, we greatly respect family members for their love and commitment, and partner to guide families to find the most effective ways to stay strong and more prepared to support their family member.

We have expertise and a proven track record in:

  • Supporting people across the lifespan with an array of services that can meet a family and individual’s changing needs
  • Supporting children and adults with complex support needs who have histories of mental health issues, trauma, or behavior concerns 
  • Using evidence-based and research-informed approaches to support lasting, positive change 


What sets us apart: 
The things that have happened to us in the past impact the way we act, think, and behave today.  Envision understands this as part of our culture as a trauma-informed agency.  By understanding this, we can help individuals break the cycle of trauma and build resilience.  The constellation of services offered by Envision are able to work together, when appropriate for the individual or family, to share resources and skills to support the individual's goals.


Our services include:
Services for Children
Services for Adults

To make a referral, call:
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I have worked with many agencies over the years and have never had such an amazing experience as we have with Envision.     

- Parent, Respite Services


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